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STAUNCH GLOBAL provides a perfect publishing platform for the authors, doctors, Scientists and other scientific professionals in the area of science, Technology and Medicine. We are involved in Publishing the results of scientific work and discovery to make the science as part of community and moving towards the development and well-being ness of the community in the daily life. 
We are dedicated to serve the scientific community with the interest of public needs and there by advancing the knowledge and learning. We offer high quality information to the members of our group, in most of the areas that University and society works. 
We believe in the ameliorate awareness and education which leads to the discovery of new technologies, therapy and procedures.
STAUNCH GLOBAL Group strictly adheres to the norms of the scholarly journals with the help of 20,000 reputed scholars, academicians and experts who provide a staunch support for all its publication activities. STAUNCH GLOBAL Group Inc. is ready to extend their services for the other publication houses that need support. STAUNCH GLOBAL Group Journals delivers research in a standard manner through publication management.


Our mission is to bring the scientific community and its allied industries together to explore the key issues and challenges impacting their analysis, leading to the implementation of latest ideas, strategies, tactics and key learning that facilit View more


Our vision is to create an excellent forum to promote interdisciplinary research across the Medical and Life Science and also to improve the healthy practice in the area of scientific research and publishing by sticking to the practice of scientif View more


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Staunch Global

To provide fundamental knowledge to direct the growth in interdisciplinary research across the fields like engineering, medicine and Health care


We focus on most critical issues and opportunities across all industries and bring deep practical expertise to improve the performance of our clients globally

Engineering Services

We provide Electronic System Design, design engineering and contract Electronic Design and Manufacturing services (EDMS)

Clinical Research

We are expertise in solutions for CDISC Implementation, Biostatistics, programming and Talent Development in a cost effective manner


We are dedicated to serve the scientific community with the interest of public needs and there by advancing the knowledge and learning


A perfect publishing platform for the scientific community in the area of science, Technology and Medicine to promote and develop scientific exchange of knowledge


We are working with a mission to promote professionalism and leadership worldwide through extended dialogue, advocacy, professional development and education